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Science Reporter – Vox Media – New York, NY

Vox Media in New York, NY

Vox Media

The Verge Science team is looking for a new reporter, and we’d love for you to join us. We’re looking for someone interested in reporting out stories about our planet — and who is comfortable telling those stories through short news hits, longform text, and video reporting. This position will be based in either our New York or San Francisco offices.

This job is ideal for someone who is passionate about environmental sciences and who wants to tell stories that aren’t being told elsewhere. We want to focus on what industries will boom as climate change roils the world, what daily habits will change, and how that will connect with people. Climate change is ultimately a human problem — so what does that mean for people now? Do you jump at the chance to cover how the environment affects human life, and how it will reshape our day-to-day? Do you want to cover disasters, recovery, and prevention? Are you interested in finding out how we can protect the most vulnerable from the unexpected?

Science is everywhere, and you should be comfortable with and excited about covering news and stories that grow out of other scientific fields too. Interests in health, tech, culture, policy and transportation are all strongly encouraged.

What you’ll do:
The job will involve reporting in a mix of formats, with longer, deeper reporting publishing at least once a week, and shorter stories publishing about once a day. You will be involved with our science video team, pitching, writing and fact-checking scripts, and hosting videos.

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Science Reporter – Vox Media – New York, NY

Vox Media job in New York, NY