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Digital Content Producer and Social Media Manager

Cary Academy in Cary, NC

Cary Academy

Work with the Director of Communications, the communications team, and other key institutional stakeholders to identify and translate CA storytelling opportunities into creative digital and social media content.

Produce high-performing written, social, and multimedia (audio/video/photo/interactive/graphics) content that advances CA brand engagement/awareness and furthers CA strategic goals through robust external promotional stories, social media- optimized mini-stories, and engaging internal communications.

Major Responsibilities

  • In consultation with the Director of Communications, ideate, design, and produce digital and multimedia (audio/video/photo/interactive/graphics) content for inclusion on social media, web presences, blogs, emails, etc., including pre-production, production, and post-production work. Record and edit video and sound projects. Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders to help facilitate the creation of content.
  • Manage all CA social media including creating, posting, curating, evaluating content, and increasing community engagement. Stay abreast of emergent trends and best practices. Collaborate on the development of social marketing plans and in the creation of social media standards and guidelines. Create, manage, and evaluate social ad campaigns.
  • Create engaging and informative written digital content—including website content and features, blogs, news items, marketing copy, etc.—that follows best practices, including engagement, SEO, mobile performance, etc..
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Digital Content Producer and Social Media Manager

Cary Academy job in Cary, NC