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January 15, 2019

Backend PHP Developer – Games Platform

PHP Jobs in NYC

Ascend Learning

New York City, NY

Description :

Kognito ( , based in NYC) makes role-playing games where players engage in simulated conversations to learn how to lead similar conversations in real-life. We build 3D games that run on our proprietary web-based distribution platform. Our games are available to more than 9 million people. Our team of 75+ people includes game designers, software engineers, psychologists, graphic artists, and writers.

Kognito is seeking a talented PHP Developer to join our growing research…. We’re excited to hear your ideas about app design, project implementation, and which new technologies you think are worth investigating.

Skills & Experience:

Fullstack LAMP development, including being comfortable on the UNIX/Linux command line, writing your own MySQL queries, and dealing with Apache configuration files (e.g. vhost & .htaccess files)

Experience with object-oriented PHP, including Laravel and PHPUnit

Ability to write HTML/CSS/JS in line with W3C standards




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